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Bibliophile Cards
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The object of the game is to win the most Bibliophile Cards.

Bibliophile Cards consist of the opening and closing lines of a well known piece of literature as well as its title, author and publication date.

Players or teams of players take it in turn to read out the Bibliophile Cards for the other player/s to make a correct identification.

To win a card, players or teams must identify from the opening and closing lines, any one of the following: Title, Author or Decade of publication.

2 or more correct identifications, wins the Bibliophile Card and an extra turn.
1 correct identification, wins the Bibliophile Card.
No correct identifications the Bibliophile Card is placed face down at the bottom of the pack.
  About the packs:
  Contents: 52 question cards and 4 rule cards
  Spec.: 63 x 88mm (poker size) by Cartamundi, 5mm radius corners, plastic coated 280gsm gamesboard, pack and box cellowrapped.
  Supplied in: 12 pack cellowrapped counter display unit.

For samples, further information and to order, please call Henry Evans on:
01451 844 855 or email